Make Memories

Glad you're here

little girl photosession with her mum. Kenyan photographer

Captured Moments

Capturing Memories and fusing it with what nature has to offer is always rewarding.
It’s what I have dedicated my life to; Capture Moments of today that will wow their hearts tomorrow.

Product Shoot

Shooting products for different business such as jewelry, bags, shoes and cosmetics.
Quality images help boost product sales in the online market.

Sport Shoe
interior design photography. Image of a flower on the tabel. Decoration image

Decor & Food

Shooting food images for restaurants and set up decor.

About Me

I’m a commercial photographer based in Nairobi.

I shoot product images for vendors who need to advertise their products both online and offline. It’s a field I have taken time to grow as I shoot for different businesses. I’m always excited to explore different ways to have good results on product images.